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Class Schedule

All classes are 50 minutes of sweat, tunes and fun. This includes a dynamic warm-up to get your body ready and a relaxing cooldown stretch at the end.

For your first visit, be sure to arrive at least 10 mins before class begins. There's a quick intake form and you'll get a lay of the land so you can get acclimated to your new surroundings.

Don't be tardy to the party! Even if you're a wiley vet, remember to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class to get the right equipment and claim your favorite spot.

Be sure to book your class in advance online! For big classes (#westseattle) this guarantees you will have a spot in the class. For new classes (#centraldistrict) we are trying to optimize our schedule so classes that do not have sign-ups at least 2 hours in advance will be canceled. But there is not a minimum # of people per class so if you are the only person, you'll get lots of personal attention!

Click below to book the class time of your choice. You can also email us to book a class if you are having any issues reserving your class.

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Hear from real people

"HIIT Lab is the first small and personal gym that I've joined and I truly love the sense of community and how they care about everyone."

-Huong M.